Herisson Records launched David’s stunning debut solo album Magnesium – An Incandescence of Peace. Chilled piano served with a smattering of synthesiser and additional saxophone from Simply Red’s uber-cool Ian Kirkham. All resulting in the transcendence of Incandescence and Peace

Listen for pleasure, at your leisure. The album is available in digital and white vinyl form hand-signed by the artist. Available for the stream at SoundCloud and for the download at Herisson Records website. After the recent album relaunch with two additional tracks, it is available for streaming and purchase at Amazon and other similar platforms again!

“Clayton is certainly no stranger to world of high-end music production: During and after his keyboardist career with British pop greats Simply Red, his craft led him to work with David Bowie, U2, Depeche Mode and Robbie Williams, to name but a few of the legends he’s collaborated with.

Add to that impressive history a slew of funk LPs created with spatial audio expert Marco Perry under the name Pressurezone, and Clayton’s first solo effort promises to be exciting or, at the very least, interesting. And it is.”

*Excerpt from the review written by Australian journalist Julian Lehnert for Dreamland Magazine