Interview in English at Swiss Kanal K and Radio Krug Program

Interview in English with David Clayton at Swiss multicultural & multilingual radio Kanal K and their program Radio KRUG was on air on February 3rd 2019 at 7 pm. In this interview, David shared the news about his debut solo album Magnesium, his work with Simply Red and other interesting topics. Most of the show is in Serbian & German, but the interview is in English and you may listen to it on YouTube from 05:51 to 13:12 and at SoundCoud from 09:39 to 17:04. On SoundCloud there is the whole show, so you may listen to Magnesium track as well and it is at 20:49 / 22:45. Kanal K & Radio Krug hosts Violeta Aleksic and Tanja Radojevic and their team keep following David’s work and informing their audience about all the news, so stay tuned!

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