No Longer with Simply Red – Heartfelt Announcements

The heartfelt announcement by Simply Red that David Clayton is leaving the band caught many by surprise right before New Year’s Eve.

“Sad news for Simply Red. Our dear friend and colleague Dave Clayton has announced that he no longer wishes to tour and is inevitably leaving the band. We fully respect his decision“, they wrote.

Dave is a lovely, admirable human being who we understand wishes to spend more quality time with his delightful partner Sue“, they continued, wishing him “a prosperous and happy future” and thanking him “for his wonderful contribution over many years.”

Fans reacted very emotionally but wished David all the best in his new chapter. “Thank you for all of your kind and heartfelt messages. I have LOVED all my time over the last 20 or so years”, replied the artist in his Facebook post.

“I have loved being part of bringing happiness through Simply Red’s musical performances to so many of you. That was my job as being part of this wonderful band“, wrote David, wishing everyone a fab 2023 and adding mysteriously that his musical story continues.

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  1. Lin and Mark

    To Dave, “What A Guy”…Thanks for 20 years of fabulous music, playing with great musicians, inspiring fans along the way, composing vibes that will be lasting in our souls. Wishing you the best of life, good times with family and friends….”Blade On”… Love, Lin & Mark x


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