The Birthday Journey Through France – The 800km Walk with Sue

Follow David and his lovely lady Sue on their great journey through France on his Facebook page! On this 800km route, there’s a lot of hiking, walking and rowing through breathtaking villages, mountains, rivers and other beautiful landscapes.

On the Way of Saint James or Way of le Puy, as this route is called, there was even some falling in the river and rolling down the mountain but they kept walking as they knew that old little secret – there’s no journey without ups and downs.

In a spirit of true adventure, with some challenging climbing, twists and turns, they celebrated their birthdays along the way. David even danced and sang with his company and random strangers on his birthday and Sue luckily filmed that so you can see it here. Photography is her great gift and passion, so you’ll enjoy the images too.

Don’t forget to follow David on Facebook so you can enjoy the adventure together with them and who knows – maybe Sue and David inspire you to set off on an exciting journey yourself!

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