The Interview With David and Magnesium Among Albums of the Month at Mexican Radio Taiffa

The debut solo album Magnesium by David Clayton is one of the favourites for the month of January 2019 at Mexican RADIO Taiffa and their popular show Babel, La Música Del Mundo. The host of the show Ponxo Taiffa Angeles also broadcasted the exclusive interview with David. Ponxo played various Magnesium tracks in a show dedicated to the best albums of the month as well in the following shows and right after the interview with David. It will be in the playlists in upcoming editions of Babel, La Musica Del Mundo as well. Many thanks to Ponxo and his audience who selected Magnesium for one of their favourite albums! You may listen to the show dedicated to the albums of choice here and Magnesium tracks are from 96:17 to 108:58. You may listen to the interview with David and a few more Magnesium tracks here from 42:09 to 61:59. The show is great and we are sure you’ll enjoy if you listen to the whole episodes as well!
Radio Taiffa in general has a very interesting concept. They aim to bring together different cultures from around the globe through music. Their founder and director Ponxo Taiffa Angeles simply wanted to share and promote good music, but the radio has grown very quickly and attracted large international audiences from across the globe. Their program is now produced not only in Mexico but also in Spain, the USA, Greece, Brazil and Dominican Republic. They joined the panel of critics in the Transglobal World Music Chart as well.

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